The aim of the Opening Ceremony “Elevación” was to convey that the present must be built upon the past, the values of sport are the values of life and evolution is the foundation for the future. Thanks to an extraordinary collaboration with all the Peruvian people who participated with their creativity and willingness, we removed borders, and encouraged a renewed spirit of respect and equality between people.

The Paralympic Pan American Opening Ceremony, cloaked in a metaphorical atmosphere, put protocol moments and a central show together through a history of resilience and friendship. A fable that celebrated diversity, since differences had elevated us.

The creative concept aimed to overcome prejudices and open minds thanks to this ceremony, born in Peru for the Americas and for the whole world.

The set design was dominated by a totem, made up of three obelisks. The totem changed during the show as a symbol of transformation. The lines traced on the floor were a reference to the lines of an athletic field.

The Ceremony counted 436 cast members of which 375 were volunteers, and 600 costumes. The production team included 176 members from 16 nationalities.


Creative and Executive Production
Balich Worldwide Shows

Executive Creative Director
Marco Balich

Creative Director
Hansel Cereza

Creative Supervisor
Francisco Negrin

Chief Executive Officer
Gianmaria Serra

Business Director
Simone Merico

Ceremonies Producer
Laura Cappelli

Photos by Getty Images