The Olympic Committee chose Balich Worldwide Shows to produce the Opening Ceremony of AIMAG in the Turkmen capital city, the largest event in the Central Asian region.

“The Spirit of Turkmenistan” was the title of the astonishing ceremony held at the Ashgabat Olympic Stadium, a 45,000-seater venue located at the center of the Olympic complex.

With its 7,631 performers, the show was an inspiring song to the youngest generations which will grow stronger thanks to education and culture, just like the athletes competing in the games.

The international BWS team, whose members come from 39 different countries, as well as the Turkmen creative colleagues, invited the competitors to discover the very soul of the nation by revealing its spirit, symbols, history and art.

The set design was a strong innovation: during the show the key moments featured an impressive cylinder placed in the center of the stadium and functioning as a source of energy for the show. It represented the “core” of the Nation. The central ring – measuring 30m diameter, suspended in the air 30m above the field of play – was a complex set of catenary cables spanning the length and the width of the venue. It was also the screen for massive projections and the support for aerial performers.

Team: 742 people from 39 nations
Cast: 7.631 performers, 
2.102 professional performers (dancers, singers, musicians), 5.475 volunteers, 
54 children, 14 headline talents
Animals: 65 horses, 34 camels and 1 dog
Music: 200 musicians involved in recordings
Props: 5.550 objects
Technical: 700 tonnes of freight, 360 speakers, 
22km of cables


Executive Creative Director
Marco Balich

Creative Director
Francisco Negrin

Executive Producer
Gianmaria Serra

Ceremony Producer
Laura Cappelli

Photos by Luca Parisse