Intimissimi on Ice, a spectacular live show where lyrical and pop music, elegance and beauty encountered ice-skating. This emotional journey was composed of two acts and seven scenes interpreted by international ice-skating champions, among which Olympic medalists Carolina Kostner and Stéphane Lambiel, with a special guest: Ellie Goulding.

This second edition – produced by Balich Worldwide Shows together with Opera On Ice – entitled “Intimissimi on ice: SHADOWS and LIGHT – The mystery of desire” was a hymn to femininity. The sensual and spectacular show stimulated the audience’s innermost desires in the suggestive environment of the Arena di Verona on October 9th and 10th. The scenography was inspired by transparencies and its strong contrasts between lights and shadows emphasized the mysterious aspects of seduction, the pure grace of ice-skating and the exquisite live musical performances.


Creative Director
Marco Balich

Executive Production
Gianmaria Serra

Photos by Luca Parisse